Cibus: 5-8 may 2014

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I have inherited from my grandparents Felice and Rosa the love and the craftsmanship of how to work dairy products. My cheese speaks about the valleys of the Biella area, where they are made, about their history, their culture and their untouched nature. Pier Luigi Rosso
Pier Luigi Rosso

pezzata rossa di oropa

Pier Luigi Rosso Diary collects and strictly controls the milk from 42 small breeding farms, situated in the Biella area. The cheese is made according to the traditional centuries-old recipes: “Maccagno”, “Toma from Elvo Valley”, “Toma Piemontese DOP”, “Toma Biellese”, “Gratin”, “Toma Brusca (Castelrosso) and so on.


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